Our roll-up slatted covers are manufactured from special rigid PVC or Polycarbonate roller-shutter profiles that are heat-sealed in a special process to make them air and watertight, giving them buoyancy.
The materials selected are absolutely resistant to all chemicals and water treatment products used in swimming pools.
Slightly concave, the profiles prevent water from collecting on the cover surface.


As with all equipment that's in constant use or exposed to changing ambient conditions, there are several points you should bear in mind with our slatted covers too:
With outdoor pools, it is generally impossible to prevent leaves or other vegetation debris falling onto the pool cover when it is closed.
Please ensure that these objects are not left on the cover for any prolonged period as the organic rotting process will result in permanent profile staining.
Depending on the quality of water (water hardness in particular) in your swimming pool, deposits of limescale will build up on your pool cover.
Please make sure you remove these deposits on a regular basis as they are difficult to get off by mechanical means once they are allowed to accumulate. As long as you take early action, deposits can be removed with relative ease using descaler products (e.g. pH Minus).
Although leaf staining and limescale deposits (up to a certain degree) will not impair the way your swimming pool cover works, they should be avoided for the sake of appearance.